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IT Link Corp is now offering Voice over IP services

Our new VoIP services ensure efficent bandwidth and very low costs. Over 30% of businesses have made the switch to VoIP, click the link below to learn more.

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Services We Provide

Our core service is to manage your network and support your team and staff, so you can concentrate on what matters to your business.

We will be your IT department that will perform IT tasks with minimum interruptions to your business. Our staff and experts are passionate to help provide you with the best IT services, which includes but not limited to:


Managed IT Services

We manage your IT infrastructure, network, user managment, security, and backup. By offloading general IT tasks and services to our expert team, you will reduce maintenance and monitoring costs while improving service quality.


Deployment Solutions

Enabling your business to get updates and software changes to users smoothly through our use of proper planning and precise execution. Our deployment solutions include capacity planning, Windows deployment services, and third party solutions.


Microsoft Solutions

Our team of Microsoft experts help your business navigate and solve the unique issues that come with Microsoft products. They will deliver solutions for the Windows operating system, directories, users, remote desktop setups, and e-mails.


Data Management

Data mangement utilizes techniques to process, store, and protect your data. Being one of the most crucial components of an IT infrastructure, our experts will ensure your data is always safe and secure from any threats, physical damage or corruption.


VoIP Phone Services

VoIP uses the internet to make and manage phone calls. With a proper VoIP provider and high speed internet, you will save money and time. Our experts at IT Link ensure your business maintains growth using our VoIP services. Click here to learn more.


Virtualization Services

Creating a virtual version of servers, computers or other hardware using software. Our experts will implement Hyper-V servers, Clustered Shared Volumes, Live migirations and System Center Virtualization to help you save on space and money.

If any of these services interest you or you would like to learn more about how they may benefit your business, please contact us below.

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IT Link Corp, a local Edmonton IT solutions provider, bringing over 50 years of combined IT experience to allow small and medium sized businesses, government agencies and non profit organizations carry out their businesses with worry free IT hassle.

We are commited to our clients and continue to grow as we offer cost effective solutions and infrastructure that fits your needs. Our Engineers are highly trained, educated, and customer focused with a proven track record of timely response to emergencies.

  • We provide comprehensive solutions for clients.
  • Design, Integrate and Deliver.
  • Network System Managment.
  • VoIP phone solutions.
  • BackUp and Security implementations.


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